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About the Company

We are an innovative, visionary, R&D powerhouse that leads in the areas of low-cost, high performance, high complexity sensing technologies. Our revolutionary products have already found homes in multi-billion dollar, expanding markets, and as our technologies evolve, we project an array of adaptations for use in vast numbers of untapped sectors.

From the beginning the company’s outlook has been global in nature
because we recognized early on that future technologies will rely more and more
on the detection abilities of advanced sensors. We understand that the next
autonomous revolution will need solutions that are not in existence today. 

Based on ROD RADAR’S track record of unprecedented successes, the future is literally tomorrow.

This is a world with growing needs of sensor devices and opportunities.


Chairman and Investor – Yossi Gershon

Introduced unique real live-saving armored bullet resistant glass technology, used extensively worldwide in the Automotive, Defense, Security and architectural sectors, and has already saved countless lives

CEO & Co-Founder – Moshe Dalman

Over 20 years experience in senior management positions in international companies, introducing new technologies, including: Aladdin Knowledge Systems and Press-sense; Hebrew U. Jerusalem, LL.B. Kellogg-Reccanati Tel Aviv, EMBA

Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) – Prof. John F. Roulston, OBE

Over 35 years in leading development and commercialization of technologies, mainly Radar systems. Has deep understanding of the technological challenges of Radar applications. Former CEO of Filtronics. CTO British Aerospace, Avionic Systems Group.

VP Sales & Marketing – Yuval Barnea

Business executive, over 20 years experience in internationally leading emerging technologies: At PowerDsine created PoE market towards IPO; later lead IC sales towards M&A with Microsemi. Co-founded seArendipity, a Fuel-Saving entrepreneurship; Served 8 years in IDF in technological units. B.Sc. Physics & Computer Science, BGU.

VP R&D – Michael Mejibovski

Over 25 years of R&D experience in C4I & Radar systems and applications. Previously Senior System Engineer at RADA Electronics (Radar systems). Over 20 years R&D in IDF technology units. MSc in Communication Systems Engineering, Ben-Gurion University.

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